A look inside

The One Studio


Inside The One Studio we have a variety of lighting equipment, modifiers and backdrops that you can use as part of our affordable, low cost package. You will see all the equipment available below.

Our makeup and styling stations

Our new makeup and styling area provides dual makeup mirrors with bright and even lighting to ensure the most flawless of transformations. A sufficient number of power outlets allows the connection of up to four electrical appliances, while the in-built USB charging outlets allow you to give life to your all important communications devices!

The very best lighting range

  • Pixapro CITI 600 Pro heads (x3)
  • Godox LD150RS RGB LED Panels (x2), incl. softboxes. Perfect for videographers or as gel lighting
  • Storm 400 Studio Strobe Heads. (x3)
  • Kino 800 Flash head
  • Pixapro LED-100 'Sunlight' Videography Head
  • Pixapro Wireless Flash Triggering on all heads

Colour your style

We always have a wide variety of backdrops in stock for you to use. You may use any of the backgrounds, but you must declare and pay for backdrop usage where soiling or tearing has occurred. We charge for this at a very nominal rate of £8.50 per metre plus VAT.

Muslin backdrops are also available and any damaged ones will need to be paid for in full. So please do take care when using them.

If you want us to order a special colour and keep for your use, we are most pleased to do this at cost price plus £5 handling charge (plus VAT).

Modifiers and more

  • 170cm Ultra Large Easy-Open Softbox (2)
  • 120cm Easy-Open Softbox (2)
  • 90cm Easy-Open Deep Softbox
  • 30x120cm Easy-Open Strip Softbox (2)
  • 70x100cm Easy-Open Floor Softbox
  • 55cm Metal Beauty Dish (1)
  • Westcott 7 foot Parabolic Silver Umbrella (1)
  • 160cm (63in) Parabolic Black/ Silver Umbrella
  • 65° & 45° High Performance Reflector(1)
  • Phot-R Large Reflector Set (1)
  • Still Life Platform (1)
  • Wind Blower (1)

The studio floor plan is indicated in the diagram. The physical size of the room is: 17.62 x 22.70 feet or 5.4 x 6.92 metres.

The floor is laminated to provide a smooth and hard surface.

The studio is heated in the winter and is cool in the summer. There are also a number of cooling fans when things get hot!

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