Inside The One Studio

Inside The One Studio we have a variety of lighting equipment, modifiers and backdrops that you can use as part of our affordable, low cost package. You will see all the equipment available below.

Equipment You Can Use ..

  • Pixapro CITI 600 Pro color corrected heads allowing multi-flash strobe and more (3)
  • Storm 400 Studio Strobe Flash Heads. The Storm 400's are professional and very high quality capable of delivering up to 10 flashes per second. (3)
  • Kino 800 Flash head
  • Lastolite 500W Continuous Light
  • Pixapro LED-100 'Sunlight' Head
  • PIXAPRO Wireless Flash Triggering on all heads
  • Heavy duty wheeled lighting stands (2)
  • Standard lighting stands (3)
  • Manfroto 087NW winched heavy duty boom stand with wheels (1)
  • PIXAPRO 170cm Ultra Large Octagonal Softbox with 5cm Grid (1)
  • PIXAPRO 120cm Octagonal Softbox with 5cm Grid (2)
  • PIXAPRO 30x120cm Strip Softbox With 5cm Grid (1)
  • PIXAPRO 55cm Beauty Dish with Honeycomb Grid (1)
  • PIXAPRO 40cm Diffuser Ball (1)
  • 65° High Perfomance Reflector with Honeycomb Grid (1)
  • 45° Long Focus Reflector with Honeycomb Grid (1)
  • Phot-R Large Reflector Set (1)
  • Still Life Platform with trestles (1)

Our new makeup and styling area ..

We have endeavored to ensure that you have the very best of facilities, not only in equipment and resources but also in the provision of makeup and styling.

Our new makeup and styling area provides dual makeup mirrors with bright and even lighting to ensure the most flawless of transformations. A sufficient number of power outlets allows the connection of up to four electrical appliances, while the in-built USB charging outlets allow you to give life to your all important communications devices!

You’re made up at The One Studio Manchester

Studio floor plan ..

On the right you can see the studio floor plan. The size of the studio is:

  • 17.62 ft x 22.70 ft
  • 5.4 metres x 6.92 metres

The floor is laminated to provide a smooth and even surface. The studio is heated in the winter and has cooling for the summer.

Backdrops You Can Use

We always have a range of backdrops in stock. You may use any of the backdrops but you need to make sure you do not damage them, including soiling or tearing. Any backdrops damaged are charged at £8.50 per metre plus VAT. Muslin backdrops must be paid for in full if damaged. These cost £80 plus VAT. So please take care of them all.

If you want a special backdrop ordering we can also do this, and we will be pleased to quote you a price.